The BMC Regional Area Database contains the most up to date access information to crags around the area.

The Brownstones Wiki has detailed info and videos for every Brownstones problem and eliminate. The king of wikis.
The Craig Y Longridge Wiki has info on most problems at the crag.
The Jumbles Wiki has info about all the Jumbles problems.
Tonacliffe Eliminates PDF created by Peter Reynolds – useful for Rochdale locals. features topos for the Silverdale limestone area not covered in this guide, and also has some topos for Bowland.
The Mountaineering Club Of Bury have a pdf with extensive coverage of Deeply Vale.
Kirklees Climbing has topos for the Huddersfield area, which is just east of Lancashire. covers Bridestones and other crags near the Yorkshire/Lancashire border.
List of 7’s and 8’s in Lancashire – missing lots of new stuff, but still a great resource. There are also pdf downloads available, with problems ordered by crag or by grade.
John Proud’s Bull Stones topo – extensive coverage of all the lower grade problems.

Chipping near Longridge and Crag Stones.
Arnside in Silverdale.
Garstang north of Preston – good for Stanworth, Denham and Longridge.
Caton near Lancaster, good for Thorn Crag.
Manchester, good for the southern quarries Brownstones, Wiltons, Ousel’s Nest etc.

The permissive footpath for Crag Stones is hosted by DEFRA.
All guidebook locations are on this map on the Betaguides website. Each area has an OS link at the bottom. For Iphones, the Betaguides app can be used as a satnav to get to parking areas.

Reservoir water levels are kept updated here.

Archive of the Black Dog new routes book.
An extensive collection of the writings of 17th Century East Lancs Moors wanderer and local poet Edwin Waugh.
CAMRA pubs across the county.

The Rginns Blog
Jordan Buys
Bowland Climber
Lakesbloc Blog
Climb Out
Skinny Dog’s Esoteric Bouldering Guide
Wafflings Of A Lanky Punter
The Lancashire Gritstone Quarryman
Crusher Holds
Unrepentant Man Child
Adam Jeeworth
Gill Peet
Matt Nuttall
Hughes Mountaineering
Naf Climbing

GCW’s excellent videos of a variety of Lancashire problems and venues.
Quarrisseur’s beta videos for many 7’s in The Quarries and East Lancs Moors.
Rick Ginn’s videos – lots of quarry climbing fun.
Chris’s videos – a good mix from across the county.
Joe Dobson’s videos – with several from Longridge and Silverdale.
Brownstones wiki videos – oodles of Brownstones problems, plus a few from Blackstone Edge.
Climbing Beta’s videos – with lots of recent Lancashire forays.
Crusher Holds’ videos – Check out the Long Back Wall vid, plus lots of trad action.
Mike Adams’ videos – documenting his climbing all over the UK, including forays into Lancashire.

Lancashire Sixes, from the Darwen film festival 2014.
Nan’s video of Thorn Crag Classics.
Wilton 1 Highballs, some problems around the prow, and harder lowballs at Wilton 3.
Super Submarine, 8A+ – video of Gaz Parry’s first ascent.
Luke Donaldson’s video of easier problems at Blackstone Edge.
Magic Beans, 7C
Hellebore, 7C
Adam Lincoln climbing at Longridge in the snow.
Blackstone Edge – a few of the 7th grade problems.
The Wild, Wild Moors – problems all over Blackstone Edge.

If you have a blog, video or link you think I should include here, just let me know at lancashirebouldering[at]